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Featured on Illegal Tender Podcast

Founder of Team Sharing Inc, Cheryl Juaire, was recently featured on a Yahoo Finance podcast covering the opioid crisis in America.

Illegal Tender by Yahoo Finance is a podcast that goes inside mysteries in the business world. Listen to all of season three: The United States of Opioids: Behind a uniquely American crisis

Excerpt from Part 3 by Adriana Belmonte, Senior Editor, Yahoo Finance [source]

Opioid overdoses have taken tens of thousands of American lives over the last decade.

“The biggest thing here is everyone probably has in their mind the picture of who they think is overdosing,” said Dr. Ryan Marino, an emergency room physician and medical toxicologist. “And that’s reinforced by what our society teaches us about people that use drugs and movies and TV.”

Marino explained that “the people who overdose and who use drugs in general are not some bad element of society. They’re not always vagrants and people who are choosing, making bad choices, for lack of a better way to say it.”

“It’s really something that affects everyone,” Marino continued. “I’ve seen young kids. I’ve seen elderly people. I’ve seen people from the best families, people from the worst families. It’s really something that affects everyone, and I think that’s the most surprising thing.”

One of those deaths happened to Cheryl Juaire’s son, Corey. After he overdosed on heroin, Cheryl suffered a grief like never before.

“I cried a lot,” Juaire said. “I suffered in my grief a lot. I’m originally from Massachusetts, so we decided to move back home. My son was buried up here and I was flying up every three months, so it just made sense to come home. I joined a couple of groups on Facebook.

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