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Board Member Onboarding

Hello Team Sharing Board members,

Welcome to your new website! We’ve put together this form to make onboarding super easy for everyone. By filling out the information below, our team at Smashstar Media will…

  • Create a Google Workspace account for you with email, Drive, and more
  • Create an account for you on the new website
  • Add moderator permissions to your website account
  • Set up security for your Google account in case you get locked out
  • Add you to our support system so we can expedite any support requests or questions
  • Introduce you to our remote team members so they know who you are
  • Share a link to the Team Sharing X Smashstar Media Drop Box *
  • Grant you access to “the Hub” *

* more info in the PDF linked at the bottom of this page

After your Google account is set up, all future communication between our team and yours will be through your organization email address. We only ask for your personal email and cell phone to 1) set up your account and send login instructions, and 2) provide recovery options in case you get locked out of your organization account.

For reference, here’s how you can get in touch with us…

Phone (SMS or Voicemail)(508) 556-0444
To be used for support, development, billing, or general IT-related questions

And finally, if you ever see any of these senders in your spam or junk folders, please mark as “safe” so we can get in touch if necessary…


We look forward to continuing our work with you all!

Evan Jensen
Owner, Lead Developer
Smashstar Media

PLEASE NOTE: For security, this page will not be available after October 25, 2021. Please click the button below to download a PDF copy of this information.