Team Sharing Chapters

These Facebook Groups were created for all Moms and Dads in the USA who have experienced the loss of their child through substance passing, so we can lift up & support one another through our grief. It is a place to share, to grow, to bond everlasting friendships right here. We are now in a group we never wanted to belong in, but only together can we heal. No one should ever be alone, or feel alone. You now have us, each other. None of us ever wanted to lose our child and experience this grief, but we have and we are here. Let’s do it together. Nothing leaves here so not to worry about that. If anyone is interested in starting a Team Sharing group in your State let me know and I can help you with that. The only way we can do this support is from us, and us alone. For now, welcome everyone and know that you have true friends in here.

 National Chapters
State Chapters
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